Welcome to the travel section of the site, which comes in several parts. 

The "blog" section is similar to the main site but containing travel related observations.

The "guide" section includes travel guides to hopefully avoid such irritations as families and the ubiquitous "Brits abroad".

The "transport" section is about the pitfalls of travelling to your destination and how to arrive sane.

Whilst the "tales" section is what it says on the box and consists of travellers tales.

Thoughts and observations on the world of travel.

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The Old Moaner's guide to enjoying a holiday. Have you noticed how the travel guides concentrate on families and beer swilling Brits.

We have years of experience of avoiding little creatures and boozy Brits and we will share our secrets with you.

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Getting to your holiday destination need not be a journey from hell, although if you travel with the wrong airline it may well be.

Plus when you're there you will need to get around. Our travel guide may just help.

Travellers Tales
Even the Old Moaner gets it wrong on holiday sometimes and we have some tales of when it didn't quite go to plan.

Like the time the Old Moaner thought he was heading to Guantanamo Bay.

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