Welcome to the Old Moaner travel guide.

Old Moaners like travelling but when they go abroad they want to see how the locals live and they don't want to visit Little Britain in the sun, surrounded by lobster coloured, lager swigging, fish and chip eating Brits.

Nor do they want to be surrounded by families who think everyone should love their out of control, spoilt offspring as much as they do.

Welcome to our world.
UK Travel Guide

The United Kingdom is a beautiful place to spend a holiday and explore and it can be done without going on a coach holiday where you are forced to eat at six in the evening and are then subjected to an evening of "entertainment" whilst the driver and tour guide flirt relentlessly or even worse.

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Europe Travel Guide

There is far more to Europe than the Costa's and other British holiday haunts.

There are even parts of the Dordogne and Provence the Brits haven't yet spoiled.

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The Americas

The USA and Canada are big countries which makes it very easy to avoid your fellow tourists.

Even the "hot spots" like Florida and Las Vegas need not be ruined by fellow British travellers.

Rest Of The World

For the brave who want to go further afield and not a package tour or tour guide in sight.

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