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Parent and Child parking sign

People tell me I'm always moaning - guilty as charged, after all there is plenty to moan about in this day and age.

So I thought, why not share my moaning and this web site is the result - enjoy.

This general moany section which could cover anything and everything, it's depends what's hacked me off this week.

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Sunset at joigny

Some travel related moans in this part of the site but basically a travel guide for Old Moaners who want to avoid children and drunk Brits. 

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Homemade bread

You don't have to live on ready meals and fast food.

Bring back the art of home cooking with old favourite and modern recipes. 

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Parliament Square London

Coming soon The Shop where photographs and custom greetings cards can be purchased

Our Other Web Sites

This is my personal web site, partly live but still very much under development.

It will be of more interest to family and friends to be honest. But it will include a gallery of photographs from the family archives.

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This is the archive of a horse racing site I used to run.

It contains a beginners guide to horse racing, a review of UK racecourses, archived race meeting reports and, of course, the infamous no holds barred blog, including the blogs which actually annoyed a head of state.

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