Terrorism and Religion

There is a well know saying which says “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

Martin McGuinnessThis causes some real problems for politicians. Today politicians are, rightly, condemning the terrorist attack on the streets of London yesterday, yet, only a few days ago, many of the same politicians were paying tribute and lauding the terrorist Martin McGuinness.

The same Martin McGuinness who was an IRA commander, responsible for terrorist attacks on the UK mainland, responsible for bloody, murderous attacks in the north of Ireland, responsible for the murder of British soldiers.

Despite this appalling past he has never faced punishment for the deeds he perpetrated. He goes to his grave with secrets of what happened to “the disappeared” – so no closure now for their relatives.

He lived to the age of 66 – far longer than many of his innocent victims.

So what sort of grubby deal did Tony Bliar come to with the likes of McGuinness and his equally odious compatriot Gerry Adams?

You can just imagine the conversation “OK Marty and Gezzer, play ball with the peace process and we’ll turn a blind eye to all the terrorism you’re responsible for.”

Gerry AdamsWow, what a result for McGuinness and Adams, they must have thought all their birthday’s and Christmases had come at once – play along with the peace process and the slate is wiped clean. No wonder they embraced the “peace process” so enthusiastically.

Terrorism is terrorism and no cause justifies indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians or against the structures of state, nor should terrorists ever be allowed to get away with what they perpetrated – even for political expediency.

The attack in London yesterday served to underline how vulnerable we all are. It’s always been said it is a case of when, not if we were going to suffer another terrorist attack.

We have a great deal to thank the security forces for that yesterday’s attack was the first in the UK for a long time. As the Prime Minister said yesterday the security services have thwarted 13 terror attacks in the UK since 2013 – and that’s just the ones they’re admitting to.

Unfortunately there is always going to be some nutter, moron, psychopath, who will be under the radar and will be able to carry out such attacks.

London Attack


The worrying thing is these attacks do not even have to be sophisticated, Thankfully the sort of attack with automatic weapons and bombs is very difficult to carry out in the UK and the damage such an attack can do has been seen elsewhere in Europe.

However anyone with access to a car or truck can cause the mayhem we saw yesterday and there is no way we can stop such an attack happening again. It is not practical to make city centres completely car and truck free.

PC Keith PalmerAs always there are stories of heroism despite the depravity of the attack.

PC Keith Palmer, an unarmed police officer, paid the ultimate price in attempting to stop the attacker – I refuse to call him a terrorist, that glamorises him too much, let’s call him what he really is, a cold-blooded murderer.

The strength of the security at Westminster was underlined by the fact the murderer was only able to get 20 yards inside the grounds before being shot dead.

PC Palmer set off to work yesterday morning, little did he or his family know that would be the last goodbye.

People innocently going about their business also met an untimely end yesterday.

A mother and teacher on her way to pick up her children from school who never got to pick them up.

Am American tourist in London celebrating his silver wedding will not be going home either.

Normal people just going about their business, their lives curtailed by a maniac attached to some perverse cause.

Having crossed Westminster Bridge many times in the past I am surprised and relieved the casualty figures were not far higher – it is usually crammed with tourists and locals.     


In The Name Of Religion


The so called Islamic State have claimed responsibility for yesterday’s attack – that is yet to be proven but this odious organisation is using the religion of Islam to “justify” its existence.

Of course, this has nothing to do with Islam, it is the hijacking of a peaceful religion and the attachment is designed to cause divisions in Western society with the hope it will result in an anti-Muslim backlash.

Unfortunately, many ignorant people, egged on by right wing factions, will use this as an opportunity to vilify Muslims in general and create rifts in our society – what these brain dead people fail to realise is such anti Muslim attitudes play right into the hands of so called Islamic state and leads to more support for their perverted “cause”.

Sadly, this ignorant response is becoming mainstream – just look at the election of Trump in the US.

HitlerThe vilification of Muslims reminds me of what happened in Germany in the 1930’s, that time it was Judaism which became the scapegoat for all that was wrong – is history now repeating itself?

In an ideal world, we would have no religion, to me religion causes more harm than good.

As a child, I was indoctrinated at a Church of England school. I was taught that the Christian story was fact and should not be questioned.

With age came wisdom and I eventually saw through the myth and realised what a con religion is. It’s a means to try and control the people, for the leaders of the church to live in luxury, to wield power and to control the masses.

Religion had its place in the age of ignorance – before the development of scientific understanding there was no logical way to explain the universe and how it worked. So why not explain it by the presence of some mythical super-being – let’s call it God, for want of another name.

Anything you cannot understand, just say it’s God’s work.

Want to control the masses, let’s just call them God’s laws.

GodQuestion the existence of God and the stock answer is “it’s a question of faith, you don’t need evidence” – er no, it is not faith, the reality is you cannot provide evidence for the existence of a God because you cannot prove something that does not exist.

It’s not for me to prove God does not exist – a negative cannot be proved, it is for those who say a God exists to provide evidence one does exist. In the history of humanity there has not been a single shred of evidence to show the existence of a God.  

Want to overthrow a Roman ocupation and build a resistance movement – find some naïve teenager, pregnant by her carpenter boyfriend, and make up some ridiculous story about a virgin birth. This must win the award for being the biggest con in the history of mankind.

Stalin in Russia, and the Kim Jong dynasty in North Korea are amateurs in controlling the masses compared with religion.

Humans have a weakness in that most cannot accept their own mortality. They cannot believe they are here on this planet due to a random set of biological circumstances.

The arrogance of the human psyche is such they cannot accept their transient existence.

Humans believe they are superior to other species on the planet – they cannot accept they exist for only a miniscule amount of time in terms of the age of the universe.Religion

Religion is used to detract people from their own mortality, to prey on those fears. For some reason, which I totally fail to understand, people cannot accept they are going to die, so they create this myth of an afterlife to try and soften the inevitability of death.

You only have to look at the vast sums of money some people spend trying to make themselves look younger or live longer – all for the sake of vanity – at the end of the day they are still going to die.

Ideally we should get rid of stupid religions once and for all. Of course that is not going to happen, so if people want to follow a religion let them do so but don't impose your beliefs on others or try to convert others to follow your belief.

The UK is a reasonably good country to live in, it would be even greater if it was a secular society without an established church.

Someone once wrote "Religion is like a penis. There is nothing wrong with having one and nothing wrong with being proud about having one.

"However you should not flaunt it in public and you certainly shouldn't shove it down my throat without being invited to."

Let’s accept our own mortality and just get on with one another and live life to the full – after all we never know if we’ll be the next one to be killed by a nutter tomorrow.


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