What's Wrong With Tax Havens?

Tax Haven BeachAm I the only one getting sick to the back teeth hearing people whinging about tax havens?

All the hypocritical moaning about people using perfectly legal means to minimise their tax liabilities stinks of the good, old fashioned, “socialist” politics of envy.

Any person who has a reasonable income or decent savings set aside will do their utmost to minimise their tax liabilities – I certainly do – and those who say they wouldn’t are either liars or fools.

I see absolutely nothing morally wrong at all with minimising the money I give to the Government – after all the way they squander money, they don’t deserve any in the first place. A topical example being the £9m the Government are wasting on pro-EU propaganda and lies.

It’s no surprise the obnoxious Labour Party has jumped on the band wagon, after all the only way the party can exist is to convince the so called “working classes” they are being abused by the rich and well off.

The reality, of course, is anyone can do well for themselves if they have the desire to do so. I’m from what is euphemistically called a working class background but through hard work I made a good living for myself and I am comfortably off.

Of course our socialist friends don’t like this, that’s why they want, indeed need, people to remain in poverty and being reliant on welfare spending. After all, if everyone worked to their full potential the whole raison d’etre for the Labour Party would disappear overnight. Of course that would be no bad thing.

Tax ReturnApparently there is a petition doing the rounds calling on the Government to close tax loopholes. How naïve is that?

Firstly it’s impossible for any single Government to close tax loopholes, it would require a concerted international effort, which will never happen.

Secondly if the UK Government unilaterally decided to close access to these so called loopholes it would actually lead to reduced tax income for the UK Government.


Well it would discourage investment in this country as entrepreneurs would not want to invest or work in the UK. The top managerial talent in the country would move overseas and the UK would be wholly unattractive to investors – within a few years the UK would become a failed economy.

By having tax loopholes individuals have more money to spend and invest which will increase the amount of indirect taxation coming into the Government’s coffers.

So closing these so called loopholes would actually be counter productive – but hey ho those who subscribe to the politics of envy don’t care about that. They despise people with money and wealth and just want to drag everyone down to their level.

However the revelations have not been all bad news.

David CameronThey have again underlined what a hypocrite Prime Minister David Cameron is.

I used to think no Prime Minister could be as slimy, devious, self-serving, hypocritical or unprincipled than Tony Bliar – but Cameron has easily outdone him – and don’t forget I’m a lifelong Conservative supporter.

I have absolutely no issue at all with what Cameron has done to minimise his tax liabilities, they are perfectly legal and above board, however for Cameron to publicly criticise those who use legal tax avoidance schemes, when he and his wife have been using such schemes themselves is beyond the pale and makes his position untenable.

Like Bliar he wouldn’t know a principle if it slapped him in the face – all he cares about is himself and his buddy Osbourne the Incompetent is no better.

It’s ironic that Cameron plumbs such depths as we remember the passing, three years ago, of the greatest Prime Minister this country has ever seen – she must be turning in her grave.     

Anyway I can’t hang around chattering here, I have my investments to check, my Corporation Tax returns to complete before doing my bit for the Leave EU campaign.