I'm Not Paranoid


According to my dictionary paranoid means you are “feeling extremely nervous and worried because you believe other people do not like you or are trying to harm you.”

I have to confess I’m long past the stage where I care if people like me or not – as long as my friends are reasonably content with me then I’m happy.

Although yesterday I was beginning to think the “media” was setting out to hack me off.

Facebook was the first to rattle my cage.

Facebook logoIf you’re a Facebook user you will know it is very good at knowing your likes and dislikes. You only have to look at something on, for example, Amazon and lo and behold next time you’re in Facebook you’ll find adverts and suggested posts related to what you have been viewing recently.

To their credit the suggestions are usually pretty good. I would even go as far as to say some of the “suggested posts” have led me to some interesting web sites I would not normally have found.

However, yesterday, Facebook failed miserably. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when a suggested post appeared in my timeline suggesting I join UNISON.

Yes it was seriously suggesting I joined a trade union.

UNISON Picket LineNow it’s clear from my Facebook posts that I abhor the Labour party and virtually everything it stands for and that I abhor trade unions even more, yet it had the temerity to suggest I join a union.

As I later posted on Facebook, I would rather have my finger and toe nails pulled out with pliers, followed by my teeth being smashed out of my face with a crowbar and finally my testicles being hacked off with a blunt, rusty knife (all without anaesthetic) rather than join a union – especially one like UNISON.

Now let me state there was a time when unions had a reason to exist but legislation over the past couple of hundred years has made unions, like religion, redundant.

The problem with unions came to a head in the 1970’s when they wielded too much power, aided by lapdog Labour governments.

The climax of this aberration came to a head with the miners’ strike in the 1980’s. This was a dispute where a union tried to undermine a democratically elected Government.

Arthur ScargillA “dispute” artificially created by the odious Scargill who sacrificed his members and the mining industry at the altar of his own warped political beliefs. In short he tried to ferment revolution but was put in his place by strong government and robust policing. The dispute, thankfully, led to the extreme, disproportionate, powers of the unions finally being curtailed.

Anyway, my blood pressure eventually returned to normal after the shocking recommendation but I was once again hypertensive as I sat down to watch the early evening news bulletin on the BBC.

Boxing MatchThe “lead” story concerned some boxing match which had taken place the previous evening – this peeked my interest as I wondered what had happened to make it the main story.

Had yet another boxer been killed?

Had yet another boxer sustained life changing injuries?

No, it was just a report about some British thug beating a Kazahk thug and yes I have chosen my words carefully by calling them thugs.

After all boxing is simply legalised thuggery.

If people fought like that on the street they would, quite rightly, be arrested and up before the beak before their feet touched the ground.

Boxing RingSo why should fighting be OK when it takes place in a ring and obscene amounts of money are involved.

Whoops I’ve just answered my own question – vast sums of money are involved – which generally means all moral judgement goes out of the window.

The offence of actual bodily harm is defined as “minor injury, such as bruising, inflicted on a person by the deliberate action of another” – well boxing certainly falls into that category.

Let’s take it up a notch and look at the definition of grievous bodily harm, that’s defined as “serious physical injury inflicted on a person by the deliberate action of another.” Well that sounds like boxing again.

Unfortunately, as long as there are braying morons, who will pay to watch “sport” nothing will be done to ban this terrible sport.

It doesn’t help the people attracted into the sport tend to be those who are usually lured by the attraction of big money, they see it as their only escape from sink estates and they fail to think of the consequences in later life.

Assuming they survive their career without serious life changing injuries or longer term health impairments, most of them are ill equipped to manage their new found wealth and more often than not they will fritter away their earnings.

Diagram of the human brainWho is prepared to argue the case that Mohammed Ali’s debilitation brain condition in later life was not the result of his time in the ring.

Since the introduction of the Queensbury Rules nigh on 500 boxers have died in the ring or from injuries received in a fight.

There is even a recognised brain disease called dementia pugilistica which is used when long term brain conditions have been caused by boxing.

A German academic study by Hans Forstel ound an average of 10 boxing deaths a year since 1900, over 80% due to head and / or neck injuries sustained in the ring. These injuries included ruptured blood vessels, epidural haemorrhages and subdural haematomas.

The same study examined 18 boxers who had been knocked out in the ring, who still displayed significant impaired performance in information processing and verbal fluency, one month after the event.

How can such a s called sport be justified in a so called civilized society?

Kate and Gerry McCann - possibly, not wishing to give them the oxygen of publicityIf that wasn’t enough to get me going the bulletin also featured an interview with Kate and Gerry McCann as the 10th anniversary of their daughters “disappearance” approaches.

Now don’t get me wrong, losing a child must be a terrible experience for any parent, but there is something about the McCann’s that just doesn’t seem right.

Yes, Madeline has been missing for ten years, it also means the McCann’s have gone ten years without facing prosecution for child neglect.

What parent leaves a three-year-old alone in an apartment whilst they go off and have dinner with friends?

How or why they have never been prosecuted for leaving the child alone is beyond comprehension.

Questions?????Throw in the 48 questions Kate McCann refused to answer when interviewed by the Portuguese police and things just do not add up.

Of the 48 questions asked, all relatively innocuous, she only responded to one of them and exercised her right to remain silent to the other 47.

Her explanation is she refused to co-operate as a protest about being considered a suspect. What a ridiculous answer, surely any concerned parent of a missing child would do all they can to co-operate with the police. I thought it was just those with something to hide who adopt the right to remain silent approach.

To me her attitude shows either a high handed arrogance or it suggests there is another reason for not wanting to answer the questions, whichever it may be does not show her in a particularly good light.

It's also interesting that Gerry McCann has adopted the Trump approach to anything negative written about him or his wife by branding it as fake news, a nice easy cop out.

Goncalo Amaral BookThrow in questions surrounding the “Find Madeline” fund and spurious libel cases being bought against the former lead detective Goncalo Amaral and sympathy for the McCann’s evaporates faster than a puddle in a desert.

With them it is everyone else's fault apart from theirs, incompetent Portuguese police, hostile journalists, nasty members of the public - maybe it's that they cannot accept their own guilt, a form of denial. After all if they had not left Madeline alone whilst they went off gallivanting with their friends then maybe nobody outside their family and circle of friends would never have heard of Madeline McCann and £11m of tax payers money would not have been spent trying to find her.

It's also interesting the deafening silence of the others who were with the McCann's that evening - are they protecting their friends, do they know more than they are admitting?

Is there a super injunction in place to stop the full story being told? 

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