Worthless Paper

Well David Cameron came away from last week’s European Summit claiming victory, all I can say is the poor deluded chap is easily pleased.

Not since Neville Chamberlin returned from Munich declaring “Peace in Our Time” has a UK Prime Minister returned from Europe with such a worthless piece of paper.

He has actually achieved nothing concrete whatsoever and the words of the final document are not worth the paper they are written on.

Let’s look at his “achievements”.

Further European Integration

The document says:-

"It is recognised that the United Kingdom, in the light of the specific situation it has under the Treaties, is not committed to further political integration into the European Union. The substance of this will be incorporated into the Treaties at the time of their next revision in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Treaties and the respective constitutional requirements of the Member States, so as to make it clear that the references to ever closer union do not apply to the United Kingdom."

All well and good and very jolly in principle. What it neglects to say is any treaty change needs to be approved by each member nation and in most EU countries that requires the treaty to be approved by referendum – so there is no guarantee the treaty changes will be approved. WORTHLESS.

Child Benefit

Cameron had to really dilute his demands in this area, to the extent the restrictions almost represent tokenism. This in the face of robust opposition from the poorer Eastern states who see generous UK benefits as a great source of inward investment.

However even this “victory” isn’t guaranteed as it needs to be approved by the European Parliament and with a built in socialist majority there is every likelihood the changed could be blocked.

Economic Governance

Another meaningless load of rubbish. The United Kingdom is not part of the Eurozone so obviously is not bound by Eurozone rules.

However, whatever was agreed in Brussels was destined to be meaningless as the issues go far wider than a single meaningless document. There is a fundamental principle at stake and that is whether the United Kingdom is better inside or outside the EU and the answer is simple – the United Kingdom is far better off outside the EU.

It’s interesting how weak the arguments are for remaining inside the EU and that supporters of the EU rather than trying to sell the benefits prefer to attack those opposed to being EU members for being racists, anti-immigration or little Englanders.

Maybe some opponents fall into that category – I certainly don’t.

I strongly support immigration, as long as it is controlled. Immigrants have made this country what it is and many immigrants, and you only have to look at those from the Indian sub-continent, have a worth ethic which would put many Anglo-Saxons to shame.

Indeed looking at my pedigree there is no way I can call myself British – going back just three generations I come out as being 37.5% “British”, 25% Russian, 25% South African and 12.5% French.   

As for being a Little Englander, those who know me will know I have absolutely no truck with jingoistic patriotism. I couldn’t care less if England or the United Kingdom win in any sporting events, I’m not going to show blind loyalty to a particular nation just because of a coincidence I happened to be born on a lump of rock sitting in the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

My opposition to the EU is more fundamental and it is an opposition I have held throughout my life.

I was around last time there was a referendum back in 1975 and, even then, I voted against the United Kingdom remaining part of what was then the Common Market.

My opposition was based on the UK losing the independence to make its own decisions in financial, economic and international relations and nothing I have seen since has alleviated any of my fears – indeed they have grown even stronger.

Europe is inexorably heading towards a United States of Europe and if the UK remains a member, despite what the current agreement says, the country will be dragged into ever closer union.

The European Parliament does not work in the interests of the UK – it’s very much like Eurovision voting where other nations unite to form a clique against the others and the UK is the one who loses out.

Opponents to leaving the EU say there will be less fiscal stability. There will be no less fiscal stability than there is remaining inside the EU but at least the UK’s financial path will be decided by the voters of the UK rather than voters in Germany, Poland, Slovenia et al. Heaven help us even undemocratic Turkey may get a say in future.

Opponents also say UK access to markets will be restricted – total rubbish. The EU consists of 27 other countries, that leaves a further 168 countries around the world to deal with. Anyway even if the UK left the EU, the EU would still have to trade with the UK and vice-versa. It would not be in the interests of either the EU or UK to put up trade barriers. To say otherwise is scaremongering.

Opponents to leaving say the UK would be worse off in terms of security. Again total rubbish. The UK is a member of NATO and will remain so. There is not a European army, nor is there a pan European foreign policy.  Opponents will also say the UK’s internal security will suffer as we would no longer be part of Europol, the EU police agency. That is also total rubbish – Europol also had working relationships with forces outside the EU, including Australia, Canada, Norway and the US.

Also it cannot, in any way, be argued we need the security services of all the other EU countries – we’ve seen in the last year the appalling incompetence of both the French and Belgian security services. Within Europe it’s only the UK and Germany who have effective security services.

Furthermore, with plans to expand the EU even further any influence the UK would have both in how the EU is run and on policy and laws in the UK would be even further diluted. The worst case scenario would be the admission of Turkey. Admission of this corrupt, failed state into the EU would have an adverse impact on the physical and fiscal security of the entire continent. Many politicians seem to forget Turkey is already illegally occupying EU territory in the self-proclaimed Republic Of Northern Cyprus.

I want out of the EU because I want the future and destiny of the UK to be in the hands of those who live in the UK – OK we may get it wrong in future but, at least it will be our mistake. What I don’t want is the future destiny of the UK being in the hands of countries who do not have the best interests of the people in the UK at heart, in the hands of countries who see the UK as a soft touch for an easy life, in the hands of countries who absorb EU money and funding like a sponge.

Every new EU treaty takes more power and decision making away from the UK – I don’t want that.

Nobody is suggesting life in the UK outside the EU will be a bowl of cherries – it will be hard work, it is a risk but I would rather have the opportunity to screw something up myself and accept responsibility for my actions than have someone else screw things up where I’ve had little, no and an ever diminishing influence.