First Blog - Welcome

Hello and welcome to the Old Moaner.

Yes I am old and I’m always being told I’m a moaner so, I thought, why not share my moans with a wider audience?

After all there is plenty to moan about in this day and age.

The blog is linked to a new supporting website, details of which will be announced when it goes live on January 1st 1014. The web site will contain the rants but will also have sections dedicated to food and travel giving options for fellow old moaners to avoid some of the worse pitfalls.

Some of the topics that will be covered in the first few months are:-

-Bank Holidays
-Bleeding Hearts
-Booze Culture
-Brits Abroad
-Budget Airlines
-Call Centres
-Coffee Shops
-Commercial Television
-Daytime Television
-Door Knocking God Squad
-Door To Door Salesmen
-Double-Barrelled Names
-Elf and Safety
-England (sporting context)
-“Fast” and “Convenience” Food
-French Fishermen
-“I” Disease
-Inset Days
-London Underground
-Middle Lane Hoggers
-Mobile Phones
-Modern Music
-NHS - Unnecessary Treatments, A&E wastage, alcohol
-Nouveau Cuisine
-Parent and Child Parking Places & The School Run
-Politicians including PMQ’s
-Selective Illiterates
-Social Media
-Speed Cameras
-“Talent” and “Reality” Shows
-Taxis and Professional Drivers
-We’re All Customers Now

Feedback, agreeing or disagreeing, is welcome with only two ground rules:-

a) Anonymous comments will be ignored and treated with the contempt they deserve.

b) Any comments which are personally offensive will also be ignored, it is possible to express a contrary view without being rude or offensive.

So the first moaning blog will be here on 1st January, hopefully we’ll see you back here then.